• Anti-Aging Revolution

    directly from the Swiss pharma laboratory


Our products have been developed to treat specific skin problems.

Our products


HYACELL products are designed to perform targeted treatments.

Our treatments


Our professional products are specially manufactured for cabin applications. The ingredients are more concentrated.

Our professional products


Developed with the know-how of Swiss doctors with broad experience in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.


Para-pharmaceutical products with active ingredients in high concentration guarantee maximum effect.


HYACELL products are manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality standards.

Anti-Aging Revolution:

A child’s skin is resistant and has a strong skin barrier. With increasing age, the cell cycle in the epidermis slows down.

Our anti-age products stimulate the body’s own cell production. Active ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and stem cells guarantee effective and sustainable rejuvenation treatments.

HYACELL is based on high-quality hyaluronic acid of medical purity. Hyaluron is known for its volume build-up and as an effective catalyst for transepidermal migration.

We use three different chains of hyaluronic acid, the shortest being only 3kD. This allows the best penetration of active ingredients deep into the dermis. Thus we revolutionize anti-aging.

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