The «Acne 5-Step Treatment» is a total treatment for acne and pimples. The products that it contains are designed to work together and have a synergistic effect. You will see the first results in 2 weeks. After the acne has subsided, reduce use of the products to once every 2–3 days. Start in the morning with the «Day» product, and replace the «Hyaluron» with the «Serum».


A combination of fruit acids and salicylic acids kills the superficial skin cells, strengthens the subcutaneous tissue and reduces redness. This refines the skin texture, smoothes fine lines and makes the skin more receptive to the «Serum».

Pure medical hyaluronic acids from three different chain lengths. «Hyaluron» causes the active ingredients of «Acne» and «Vitamin A» to penetrate deeply into your skin. It also moisturizes your skin without making it oily.

«Acne» is fast-acting against acne and oily skin. Oligopeptide-10 kills the bacteria responsible for acne and reduces in ammation. Specially formulated acids dissolve sebum plugs and reduce excess oil production in the skin. At the same time, dexpanthenol soothes the skin and promotes wound healing.

Vitamin A:
Contains highly concentrated vitamin A and other active ingredients. «Vitamin A» thins the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). As a result, the skin texture becomes finer, pores become smaller and the skin tone is evened out. The lower layer of skin (dermis) is simultaneously thickened and wrinkles are reduced.

«Recover» acts as a disinfectant and promotes wound healing. Special ingredients reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. Perfect for use after epilation, sunburns, or medical skin treatments.



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