The Basic 4-Step Treatment looks after all your everyday skincare needs and is suitable for all skin types. The products that it contains are designed to work together and have a synergistic effect.


A combination of fruit acids and salicylic acids kills the superficial skin cells, strengthens the subcutaneous tissue and reduces redness. This refines the skin texture, smoothes fine lines and makes the skin more receptive to the «Serum».

Pure medical hyaluronic acids from three different chain lengths. «Hyaluron» causes the active ingredients of «Acne» and «Vitamin A» to penetrate deeply into your skin. It also moisturizes your skin without making it oily.

Light, non-oily day cream with SPF 15 sun protection. An effective combination of active ingredients, including hyaluronic acids, vitamins and peptides, protects and cares for your skin all day long.

Light, non-oily night cream. An effective combination of different active ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, vitamins, peptides and stem cells regenerate and revive your skin while you sleep.



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