pH 0,3

This is our medical peeling.

A unique blend of our fruit acid peeling pH 1.3 with an additional 15% TCA. This means that you can achieve great results with just one treatment. After this treatment, very good sun protection must be ensured for 3 weeks.


Glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, mandelic acid and 15% TCA


Against acne, improvement of the texture, reduction of fine and medium wrinkles, noticeable weakening of pigment spots, tightening of the skin


1. degrease skin

2. apply peeling evenly

3. repeat after 1 minute until «Frosting» becomes visible.

3. complete distance after approx. 5-8 minutes

4. application of the neutralizer

5. complete removal after 1-2 minutes

6. application of «Recover»