pH 2,3

With a chemical peeling, part of the upper skin layer is removed and a new skin is created. The pH value of the solution is decisive. The lower the pH-value, the deeper the solution penetrates into the skin and causes it to peel off. In the case of fruit acid peelings, it is not the concentration but the pH value that is decisive. Often products with high concentrations are praised, but at the same time these products are buffered, which increases their pH-value.

Our frustration acid peelings are all not buffered. Start the peeling with a pH 2.3 and after repeated use (1-2x/week) the stronger ones can be used.


Glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid and mandelic acid.


Against acne, improvement of the texture, smoothing of fine wrinkles, weakening of pigment spots.


1. degrease skin

2. apply peeling evenly

3. full distance after 5-8 minutes

4. application of the neutralizer

5. complete removal after 1-2 minutes

6. application of «Recover»